We live in an age of rapid transformation!! New technologies and smart applications have become widespread.  The ability to create, distribute and effectively use technology has become a major source of competitive advantage. This has reshaped how businesses perceive technology and forced them to reimagine even the successful business models.

‘Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.’ – John McCarthy, father of AI

At the recently concluded Davos 2018, the annual meeting conducted on global concerns by the World Economic Forum, Sundar Pichai observed a very powerful and positive outlook about the role AI is playing in transforming the world around us.

AI system will function in a way where it learns from experience, then it uses the learning to reason, it will recognise and analyse images, it will also solve problems, will also understand language and its complexities.

The biggest sector gains will be in retail, financial services and healthcare as AI increases productivity, product quality and consumption. The economic impact of AI will be driven by Productivity gains from businesses automating processes, gains from businesses augmenting their existing labour force with AI technologies and increased consumer demand resulting from the availability of personalised and AI-enhanced products and services.


Although AI has dominated the discussion forums for a long time now, the voice of dissent regarding automation replacing jobs is getting stronger. Although India is just starting to invest a considerable sum into the development of AI and other smart technologies, 7 lakh low-skilled Indians in the IT and BPO sector are likely to lose their jobs to automation by 2022 as per a report by a US-based research firm.

I personally believe that while AI is definitely going to replace humans in jobs that do not require human intervention. However, it will certainly open a lot many avenues to explore for a lot of industries, especially education. One of the major roadblocks for India is a lack of skilled workmanship to prevent its workforce from losing out on their jobs to technology. Education or perhaps a lack of it plays a pivotal role here. Although the Govt.’s Skill India Mission is a step in the right direction, there’s a lot of more that needs to be done at the initial level of educational provisions.

The curriculum at school level needs to be re-written, re-formulated and developed in such a manner that children learn to embrace innovation and help develop their faculties to innovate for a better future. It has to start at a foundational level, so that children understand the importance of technology and the role it’s playing in our lives. Re-skilling and upskilling of the existing workforce are equally important measures that require mass execution. The faster we roll these strategies out, the easier it will be prevent the damage.

AI is and will remain a dominant force. To enable us live better lives or to snatch away our jobs – it’s on us how we perceive it and make use of it.

AI has the potential to fundamentally disrupt the market through the creation of innovative new services and entirely new business models.

The 4 Must Have Wedding Essentials

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That special time of the year is back. The nip in the air, the sound of wedding bells, the smell of delectable dishes and a feeling of joy, festivity and enthusiasm. If you are gearing up for a wedding in the family, here is a list of wedding essentials that will ensure you some exciting moments until the main day. Tell us if you agree!

Music: On, Music: Loud

Curating the playlist for the dance sequences is the most exciting of all tasks. After all, it is the dance floor where the family comes together to celebrate and unleash all the excitement and energy! As you choose your favourite chartbusters, the top five tracks, and the song of the season, don’t miss out on a loud and clear sound experience. Plug in our audio aux cables to your sound systems and let them do the job for you.

Charge ready, anytime, anywhere

As you deck up for the big day and set out for the venue with your jingbang, you definitely cannot let your phone battery be the spoiler. Let our car chargers be your travel companion as you navigate your way to fun, frolic and merry making at the wedding.

Stay power-full all through the wedding

This one is for the selfie with the bride and groom, a panorama shot of the brightly lit venue and a group photo of the family or the ‘school gang’. Make sure you don’t run out of energy at the wrong time. Keep our power banks handy to fuel up all the shots that you could cherish later.

The post-event moments need all the fanfare too

When the wedding video is finally out, gather all the folks around to see how everyone looked on the dance floor, the candid shots of the main duo and some embarrassing moments as the guests stared into the camera with their plates full of food. Our HDMI cables are here to add on to the post-wedding laughter, joy and bright memories!

Be fully packed and prepared to celebrate the special wedding moments. Refuel, recharge and reconnect with our #ElectronicEsssentials as you soak in the fun, laughter and merry making at the wedding you have long been waiting for!

World TV Day

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World Television Day (2)

Changing trends in traditional TV viewing

Don’t you think our conversations around the age-old ‘idiot box’ has dwindled with time? It’s not common anymore to hear from a mother, “Listen, pass me the remote!” or the father saying, “Oh God, can we please change the channel?” or even something like “My son has his board exams this year, you know, so I disconnected the cable TV at home.”

According to an article (link below) in the Business Line, data based on a consumer survey performed by Accenture Digital states that the percentage of Indian consumers who prefer watching shows on TV sets plummeted from 47 per cent to 10 per cent over the last one year, i.e. 2016 to 2017.

There used to be a time when Mom, Dad, my brother and I used to sit in front of the TV after our Sunday lunch to watch a blockbuster movie together, followed by the afternoon siesta. Things are different now; my kids usually stick to their PCs or tabs after the Sunday lunch. Even if they want to watch the TV, we are hardly ever able to decide on a common thing to watch.

While TV remains the most common single screen source of consumption, the preferred device among consumers especially the millennials, remain the phone, laptop or tablet. With Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime making an entry, there is a rising trend of consuming content from laptop, tablet and smartphone screens.


Source: www.marketingcharts.com

Data Source: Nielsen

Published in: July 2017

As it can be inferred from the graph above, the percentage change in weekly hours of TV watching has drastically reduced when it comes to millennials while it only picks up by a margin for those above 50 years old.


Back in the day in 80s, when I was studying for my first ever attempt at writing Board examinations, the concept of tuition classes was all the rage amongst my batch mates. The idea of getting out of home, spending more time with our friends in the guise of studying was exciting to say the least. I particularly remember our Maths tutor, who although was extremely polite to us, but would never leave a chance to reprimand us when we did not finish our homework.

Just a few days ago in a conversation with one of my colleagues, I got to know that his daughter is so fond of using the academic-learning applications on her smartphone that she does not feel the need to attend tuition classes anymore. The moment lent me amusement.

I did not ponder over the increasing usage of smartphones by children; it’s commonplace to come across the fact. What amused me more was the amount of knowledge about technology our children possess which makes them highly competent in today’s world.

Millennials and the children of today grew up with the rise of the internet, the birth of instant communication, and transitioned from Television to majorly consuming content on the Internet. With the technological environment having surpassed its nascent stage, children of today have dived head on into a world that makes them smarter, more competitive than their elders.

Some of them prefer audio books or kindles to the hard bound or paperback editions; most of them consult knowledge-sharing apps on smartphones instead of tuition teachers, and gather the curriculum knowledge via projector screens in the classroom.

They don’t have to wait in anticipation, wondering if the letter they were writing to their best friend or grandma would reach them on time or not. A simple instant message does the job today. From coding apps to developing them and creating a kids-friendly social platform (Play Against Cancer, iRead Monthly, Grom Social among others), the knowledge-gatherers of today are turning the world upside down with their technological innovations.

Though without a doubt it is the responsibility of parents to keep a check on how their children make use of the technological resources, it would be safe to say that technology has groomed the way children view the world. It allows them to experiment, innovate and do so much more than we could have imaged. Perhaps, smart would be an understatement. What do you think?

C type

There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your phone’s battery percentage drop below 20 per cent. And doesn’t that happen all the time? More than anything else, we are constantly seeking ‘charge’ these days.

We are coming up with gadgets that use the latest charging technologies and help you power up your devices quickly and ensure they last for longer durations. Here is a quick rundown of some basic facts that might interest you.

What is PD charging?

Power Delivery charging or USB Power Delivery is a charging technology. It uses USB-C cables and connectors that deliver higher levels of power to our devices.

What are the benefits I am getting?

Faster charging of your electronic essentials and more power for bigger devices.

What do you mean by C Type charging?

USB-C is the emerging standard for charging and transferring data. Currently, it has been adopted in devices like the latest laptops, phones, and tablets but with time, it will become a more common technology.

When was the USB Type C charging technology developed?

The USB Type-C Specification 1.0 was published by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and was finalised in August 2014. With time, it has been accepted as a replacement for not only the older USB standards, but also other standards like Thunderbolt and DisplayPort.

How is it helping me?

It involves an advanced technology, which gives an improved performance. It is easier to use as both sides of the connector fit in to the port. It is universal – most tech companies are adopting this technology and since it comprises of a smaller connector, it can possibly make laptops and tabs thinner.

What is the future of charging?

The need and urgency to charge our phones will only increase with time. Smartphones are getting smarter with every upgrade, but they will always need the power to keep functioning.

Many of you must have heard about wireless charging or even plant chargers that harness the power from the process of photosynthesis in order to transfer power to your gadgets. The near future may also see electric charge derived from the human skin.

Technology is only going to improve with time and get more exciting. Keep an eye on our website http://honeywellconnection.com/ for the launch of some of our most innovative products. They will not only give you a better experience but also help you keep connected wherever you are.

Sapno Ki Diwali

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As he clung on to the car, he suddenly asked, “Didi, iss ka colour kya hai?”

“Yeh green colour ki hai, Dheeraj. Aapko pata hai, aapke T-shirt ke colour ke saath match kar raha hai!”

“Achha jee?” he said as his face gleamed with joy.

This was a Diwali that was brighter than the fairy lights adorning the walls, heartier than Dadaji’s laughter and sweeter than the motichoor laddoos enjoyed by the family.

We believe in the true power of connection and we realised there are many working individuals who are forced to spend some of the most special occasions alone. They move out for education or work and are not always able to go back home to spend time with their loved ones during the most important festivals. They end up missing all the fun, laughter and warmth of their family, friends and relatives.

On the other side, there are those who cannot enjoy the beauty and grandeur of a festival like this. They are unable to soak in the colours of the decorations, read the greetings or be a part of all the festivity.

This Diwali, by deciding to do something beyond the usual, we not only lit up lights, we also lit up some faces with wide smiles. We brought the two sets of people together over music, food, fun and laughter.

We took a few of our friends to the Institution for the Blind (Andh Vidalaya) in Amar Colony, Delhi which is a home for 150-200 kids right from 6 years to 16 year olds. Along with regular classes, the kids are a part of a range of activities conducted in the school.

Here’s the video that will give you a glimpse of our #SapnoKiDiwali. We hope you make this Diwali special by lighting up a face with a smile.

Wishing each one of you a very happy, bright and safe Diwali!

Taking Ram Leela To A Digital Audience

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“HEEHAHAHAHAHHA,” Ravana would laugh aloud and have all of us in splits. Whether it was the Ram Leela organised by various colonies in their own small setup, or the ones performed on a larger-than-life stage – all of us have our countless childhood memories of watching or being a part of a Ram Leela rendition. They are still very much a part of our lives but not in the traditional way as they used to be. No longer wanting to snail through the chaotic city roads, brave the huge crowds, and sit for long hours in front of a stage, we now prefer streaming content on the various electronic devices we own – smartphones, laptops/desktops, televisions and tablets. We look forward to hearing about the best Ram Leela setups through our Facebook newsfeeds and Whatsapp forwards.
So this time around, we at Honeywell Connection , decided to join the topical bandwagon and bring Ram Leela to your mobile and laptop screens – digitally and creatively, via our social media properties – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
With our series, #DigitalRamLeela, we broke down the story of the Ram Leela into ten simple episodes and went on to portray it in a very tech-savvy fashion. The #DigitalRamLeela takes you through the story of the victory of good over evil vis-à-vis the timelines of the major characters from the epic – Rama, Sita, Laxman, Hanuman, Ravana and others.
From Lord Rama updating his marital status and checking-in to the forest with Sita and Laxman, to Hanuman sending a friend request to Rama, and Hanuman setting fire to Lanka, singing ‘I set fire to the rain’, the story is narrated in a very quirky manner, taking into consideration the psyche of our digital audience. The process itself made us revisit all the old stories and myths from our childhood. We hope to bring back to you the memories of knowing Lord Rama’s story by heart, and experiencing the joy of narrating it perfectly well, once again! Signing off and wishing you all a very Happy Dussehra!

Good Over Evil

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10 ways we wish goodness will win over evil across all our digital screens this festive season.


  1. Hello Wifi, Goodbye Bad Connectivity.

Home is where the WiFi connects, but what happens when it doesn’t? Are you connected to the right address? Are you feeding in the right password? Maybe crosschecking these things will help.

  1. Say no to dropped calls!

You are involved in an intense discussion, only to realise that you’ve been talking to yourself. Maybe a change of your network or a new device is all that you need.

  1. 3G being stingy?

Got a recharge done a few minutes back but 3G still not working? Are you sure that you have enabled the service? Maybe a chat with your service provider will help.

  1. Smartphone – not so smart after all!

When the smartphone doesn’t show you the optimum network level, try rebooting your phone, or move to a new spot with better network.

  1. Need some space?

Ever exploited the memory capacity of your phone more than you should have? Is expanding your phone memory an option for you? Taking a backup of some old images, songs and messages may give you the much-needed space!

  1. Take your cables with you.

Never give your battery the chance to run out on you. Carry your charging cables with you at all times.

  1. Words getting lost in the middle?

Can’t catch all the words in a chat? It could be connectivity. Move to another room, or preferably an open area to fix the cracking conversation.

  1. Screen stuck in time?

On a video call but the image stops moving? It could be anything from an overcrowded phone memory, to a bad network. Diagnose and fix for smoother video-chat-time! 

  1. What’s hot? Your smartphone for sure.

We’re all up for fiery conversations, we can tame heated moods but we surely prefer if our phones wouldn’t heat up. Avoid using your phone as it gets charged, try to not overcharge it and make sure you are using an original battery!

  1. Grammar on your side!

Don’t you hate it when you are making a point, but bad spelling makes you lose the argument? Turn on autocorrect to make sure your vocabulary and grammar are always on your side in a debate.

Honeywell Connection believes in nurturing the true essence of connections. Whether you are relaxing on your bed at home or road tripping with the family, we are always there with you.

But have you ever noticed how some of our products represent different members of a classical Indian family? Read on to see if you can relate to them!

Let’s start with the surge protector, the father of the family. It totally aces at protecting his family in multiple ways. No unnecessary mood spikes, and no unjustified expenditure. Sensible and a pro at multi-tasking!

Our laptop cooling pad is like the mother of the house. The one with the most Thanda Dimaag, she keeps all of us sane and calm, be it sibling squabbles or work stress!

Then there is the car charger, which is like the elder sibling in the family. It’s motto in life is Main Hun Na! The chauffeur of the house, is always there to drive around the parents whenever they need go somewhere, and the only one who knows where all the younger sibling needs to be dropped and picked up from. With this electronic essential by your side at all times, you have absolutely no reason to worry.

Finally, our charge and sync cable is the youngest child in the house who is ‘sabka favourite’ because well, you know he is the prodigy of the house. Everyone in the family has a soft corner for it, and they are usually smartest ones – picking up hacks and gadgets before anyone else can!

We are always connected and emotionally entangled with each other in the family irrespective of all the idiosyncrasies and the unique habits. With Honeywell Connections, stay connected and in touch with your loved ones, wherever you may be!

Life without smart gadget

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Can you imagine 24 hours without your smart gadget? Yes, without your phone for an entire day. Sounds ridiculous before even trying right?

So what would it really be like without that smart device of yours?

  1. You would always have to roll down your windows and shout at a random pedestrian asking him the way, only to receive the most puzzled look ever
  2. Every time you wanted to click a picture, you would have had to carry your digital camera
  3. Your boss would not be able to tell you “Just text it to me! I will have a look at it as I sit in the cab.” E-Mail is all you have!
  4. Remember the big, heavy torch? You’d have to switch that on every time you needed the ‘flashlight’!
  5. No, you wouldn’t have Google Maps to tell you, “You’re on the fastest route, despite usual traffic’!
  6. You like a picture on the internet and you want to share it, but no whatsapp web on the tab? Use the mail or the chat messenger.
  7. Too used to WhatsApp video calls and FaceTime sessions on the phone? Well, your laptop is the only saving grace!
  8. Want to play games while you are on the go? But all you’ve got is a book or a magazine.
  9. Too used to Uber and Ola? Have we forgotten what it was like to haggle with auto drivers and book cabs through the Taxi service?
  10. You’d be heading to the good old PCO behind your lane! Why, because your landlines aren’t working!


#ElectronicEssentials That Matter

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Technology has transformed our lives in every manner possible. Today we can be much productive – GET MORE DONE, that we ever could with the help of Technology. We can stay connected with from anywhere and at any time, no matter how far our friends or family may be. – STAY IN TOUCH. We can have much more enjoyable and immersive experiences – HAVE MORE FUN. Today our lives revolve around four major screens – the mobile phone screen, the tablet screen, the laptop screen and the television screen. Oh and of course, there are times when we are using more than one device simultaneously. Almost everyone out there today has varied experiences when it comes to these screens. Honeywell Connection as a brand aspires to make this experience richer, more immersive and seamless for our Consumers.

A sleek high-end LED TV will only give you great images and an immersive user experience when you plug in the right HDMI cable, that allows you to use the LED TV to its full potential. Your smartphone will be of use only when u have enough battery power to use it, and don’t we all know the pain we go through trying to get our phones charged while we are on the move. The smartphone will last longer and give you optimal service only when you use branded accessories that are robust and come with the assurance of quality.

The brand Honeywell Connection came to India in September 2016, with a wide range of products, peripherals and accessories, which are now widely available across the Indian sub-continent. The brand stands apart from the others in the marketplace owing to its commitment to delivering superior user experience across all the 4 screens. To this end, Honeywell Connection offers a range of seven sets of products. These include Laptop essentials, Audio cables, Car chargers, HDMI cables, Surge protectors, Charge and sync cables, and Adapters.

With the ever-increasing demand for products like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, digital cameras, etc in the electronics market, there is a rise in the demand for quality electronic accessories. Even though consumers usually put in a lot of research before finalizing a purchase of a laptop or a mobile phone, when it comes to electronic accessories, often they go in for whatever is easy to find and is the cheapest cost. By providing top quality products that are easy to use and fairly priced, Honeywell Connection aims to address this issue and ensure every user has an unparalleled experience across any of the four screens.